Maldives National University Library won the first place in the Book Display Competition 2016, organized by the Maldives National Library. This competition was organized to mark this year’s World Book Day.

The display was named “Liyuntheringe Sarusana”, portraying the different stages of Dhivehi Language. We greatly appreciate the support we received from the staffs and the students of MNU.

Congratulation to all staffs of MNU library who worked so hard to showcase this masterpiece.










MNUL Best Attendance Award 2015

Nasheedha Abdul Rasheed

Our heartfelt congratulations on receiving the best attendance award.


12Mr. Hussain Haleem

Chief librarian

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to our family.

It’s an exciting time for MNU Library as we continue to grow; we strive to remain as adaptable, motivated and responsive to our MNU communal. We’re glad to have you on board, as part of our team, and that you are our most important and greatest asset.

We look forward to working with you, leading the life of library community!

This year’s MNU library day was celebrated on 13 of August across the MNU community both in Male’ and in the Atoll campuses.

The day is eminent to recognize the importance of library and information services as providers of information to the user community; the faculty and the students. Consequently, library plays an integral part in their academic excellence.

Also, we believe there is a lot more that we need to achieve in terms of collection development, improved and efficient user services and simultaneously improve the user education services on how to access and use the library’s physical and online resources.

It is the one very special day we intensely look forward to, and the preparation for the day begins at the beginning of the year; ideas on decorations, displays and fun and exciting games. Our main aim is to give our users a general learning experience about MNU libraries, library team, its collections and services in a friendly, non-formal environment for a day.

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Activities of the Library day included: Gate ticket, free photocopying, book donations, distribution of gift hampers, and provocative games, riddles and challenges.

It was the excellent involvement of the library team, MNU management and users that made this year’s event distinctive and colourful.

IMG_20150813_153032450 IMG_20150813_153026396

Thank you all for being part of this lovely experience and we hope to come back next year with new and exciting ideas, Insha Allah.


-Ikrisha Abdul Wahid-

   Assistant Librarian

A brief guide to emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses  /  World Health Organization  (c2014)

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Adolescent pregnancy : situation in South-East Asia region  /  World Health Organization  (c2014)

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Clinical practice handbook for safe abortion  /  World Health Organization  (c2014)

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Early professional development for social workers  /  edited by Raymond Taylor, Malcolm Hill and Fergus McNeill  (c2011)

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Introduction to health research methods : a practical guide  /  Kathryn H. Jacobsen  (c2012)

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Modern blood banking & transfusion practices  /  Denise Harmening  (c2012)

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Natural disasters : protecting the public’s health  /  Pan American Health Organization  (c2000)

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Regional strategy for healthy ageing (2013-2018)  /  World Health Organization  (c2014)

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Essentials of medical pharmacology  /  K. D. Tripathi  (c2003)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on blood donation  /  World Health Organization  ([2010])

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Human body  /  written by Angela Royston and illustrated by Mike Saunders  (1999)

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Prevention and control of birth defects in South-East Asia : report of regional programme managers’ meeting : Bangkok, Thailand, 20-22 March 2012  /  World Health Organization and Regional Office for South-East Asia  (c2012)

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Professional discipline in nursing, midwifery and health visiting : including an exploration of professional accountability for nurses, midwives and health visitors  /  Reginald H. Pyne  (1992)

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Reflections on contemporary nursing practice  /  edited by Margaret McMillan and Judith Townsend  (c1994)

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The nurse manager’s survival guide : practical answers to everyday problems  /  T. M. Marrelli  (c1993)

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The right to water  /  United Nations, UNHABITAT and World Health Organization

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The world health report 1995 : bridging the gaps  /  World Health Organization  (1995)

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Training modules for teaching of public health in medical schools in South-East Asia region  /  World Health Organization  (c2015)

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Understanding the essentials of critical care nursing ​  /  Kathleen Ouimet Perrin and Carrie Edgerly MacLeod  (2013)

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Varney’s pocket midwife : companion handbook  /  Helen Varney, Jan M Kriebs and Carolyn L Gegor  (1998)

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Vitamin A deficiency and its consequences : a field guide to detection and control  /  Alfred Sommer  (1995)

Health Library, 618.92396 SOM, H014895 (Newly Added)



All books are available for checkout by all MNU students and other library members.